Drace “Dre” Sneed

Drace “Dre” Sneed returns for Rim Reapers for his second season in The Cage League. Dre works for Foundation Healthcare and hails from Spencer, Oklahoma.

Chris “Franchi$e” Brown

Chris “Franchi$e” Brown returns to The Cage League as a member of Street Kings. Franchi$e is the proud father of Chezdon (8) and Jordan (3). He is from OKC and played college ball for Oklahoma City University. He wants to give a shout out to “Chezdon & Jordan.”

Nate Richards

We welcome Nate Richards in his rookie year to The Cage League all the way from Los Angles, California. Nate can be found on the court rocking the baby blue jersey with number 6 on his back. He is single and works at Zio’s.

Stephen Cougill

Stephen Cougill is a member of Diamonds 4 Life. Stephen is single and a first year The Cage League player. He wants to give a shout out to “Fatlife,” his team’s captain.

Tyrone “T. Jones” Jones

Tyrone “T. Jones” is representing Street Kings in his fourth year playing at The Cage League. T. Jones is no stranger to the game he played college ball at Allen County Community College. T. Jones has three kids TJ, JJ, and DJ. He would also like to give a shout out “to my city”.

Scott “Red” Pendergraft

Scott “Red” Pendergraft is an electrician for Libra and is returning for his second year playing in The Cage League. If you think you’re seeing double…you are! His identical twin, Ryan “Twin” Pendergraft is also out there rocking an orange jersey for RE24ECT.

Ryan “Twin” Pendergraft

Ryan “Twin” Pendergraft, returning from leading the team, Net Ninjas, last season, is now partnering up with the guys of RE24ECT. Twin is from Newcastle, OK, and married to his lovely wife, Jessica. Twin works in sales at Bridgestone. He played college ball at Mid-America Christian University. As his name may suggest, he is a twin, and his twin, Red, is on RE24ECT as well.

Joshua “Hendo” Henderson

We welcome Joshua “Hendo” Henderson to his rookie year at The Cage League. Hendo works for Thunder Bounce and would like to give a shoutout to “my family and God”.

Justin “The Artist” Williams

We would like to welcome Justin “The Artist” Williams in his rookie year to The Cage League. The Artist owns his own company Be Amazing Creations. He also works for the Big Dream Community Outreach Program. One of his greatest achievements is improving kids future day by day. The Artist would like to give a shout out to ” First to God, Second his mother, father, family, friends, and PC West. He is a current resident of Oklahoma City and ladies he’s single.

Avery “Slick” Stevenson